I have always played instruments and there are photos where I’m playing them but can’t remember because I was too young. I really became interested in music as a teenager and started to play guitar and went on to be gifted a violin. Studying the violin for a couple of hours everyday for two years got me to a level where I could be accepted into university and study with USQ in a Bachelor of Music. On my preparation to pass the audition, I played in every ensemble and orchestra I could find, this gave me a solid musical foundation and sparked my interest in orchestral music.

When music programs on computer became available to me, I was instantly drawn to them and began to compose on them. Using what I had learned from playing in orchestras and studying music, I started to write music on Musicator (a notation and sequencer tool) and Propellerhead’s Reason 3.5. That was when I found MIDI. Sweet MIDI. I continued to compose using virtual instruments and different DAW’s, then became interested at how recording and producing worked.

I studied a Bachelor of Audio Engineering at SAE QANTM in Brisbane, Australia, and became amazed at the potential for cross discipline collaborations, this led me to compose numerous works for various mediums including games, film, apps and animations. I made an alliance with the Queensland Wind Orchestra, recording their 2015 concert season and formed a partnership with SAE, which earned me the SAE Community Award, an award issued for outstanding services to the SAE community.

Graduating and gaining knowledge of Pro Tools, MIDI sequencing, recording, arranging and producing I have been able to live the dream and compose music for games. Composing for games is my passion and I am a founding member and composer for the Indie company Handsome Dragon Games, with whom I wrote the music and created the sound design for Dyadic (available on Steam).

I am currently studying a GradDip in Composition at the Melbourne University’s Conservatorium of Music and own the title of current world champion on the Playstation Network for Geometry Wars – Dimensions Evolved, Ultimate, Level 40 – Eudialyte (bi0cho0k).