An avid and enthusiastic Composer for games and film.

Whilst studying a bachelor of audio engineering at SAE QANTM in Brisbane, Australia, I became amazed at the potential for cross discipline collaborations, this led me to compose numerous works for various mediums including games, film, apps and animations. I mould into any role that I am placed in, like a creative-chameleon, producing results that benefit and inspire the team.

I am highly skilled with Pro Tools, MIDI sequencing, recording, arranging and producing. Composing for games is my passion and I am a founding member and composer for the Indie company Handsome Dragon Games, with whom I composed the music for Dyadic (available on Steam).

My GPA from SAE was 6.06 and I was consistently in the top percentile of my class. I made an alliance with the Queensland Wind Orchestra, recording their 2015 concert season and formed a partnership between SAE and the QWO which earned me the SAE Community Award, an award issued for outstanding services to the SAE community.

I am the current world champion on the Playstation Network for Geometry Wars – Dimensions Evolved, Ultimate, Level 40 – Eudialyte (bi0cho0k).