One of the really cool concepts for Alight is to have a David Attenborough-style narrator to speak at different parts of the game, this is partly because of the criteria that there can be no text after the title screen. We are all excited to see how well we can implement this system into the […]


Welcome back everyone! I’m happy to say that I have had the opportunity to take part in a new isometric management game called Prosperity. The premise is that you build a tower in the name of the Gods. For this project, the criteria is that we must start feeling one emotion at the beginning of the […]

What a Rig!

Today I was searching through Komplete Ultimate 9, looking for some new sounds when I stumbled across the program Guitar Rig 5, that’s when I realised that I hadn’t even opened this program in the time I’ve owned K9U, a major oversight seeing that I am a guitarist and love recording and making MIDI backing tracks. […]