Welcome back everyone! In last week’s blog I talked you through the method I was using to create the soundtrack for a Pacific Rim-style animation about green energy. Today I would like to share with you the finished product and describe how the audio was created, so without further ado here it is! Edits and […]


What is a Vikling? Well it’s a young viking of course! The project Viklings would have to be one of the most rewarding projects I’ve worked on and let me explain why. Its started with the construction of a Coffee-Tin-Guitar that exceeded all expectations with sound quality and playability. When playing the CTG (coffee-tin-guitar) I felt […]


2020 is a graphic novel that a group of animators would like to bring to life, and you guessed it, they need music. Here is a short brief on the story. The year is 2020, superheroes and super-villains alike have disappeared for 6 years after an outbreak that left Titan city destroyed. The only district standing upright […]

TET Mid-Side

When listening to Decapitated’s track Carnival is forever through TET Mid-Side I have found something that can help me to reverse engineer the bands sound. There is a width control that alters the amount of Mid (narrow) and Side (wide). By altering the amount of Mid and Side different parts of the mix become more pronounced, […]

TET Practice

Greetings and salutations fellow sound-nerds, today I have been practicing some ear training using Technical Ear Trainer-Parametric Equalisation and have found some interesting points. My recognition between 8kHz and 16kHz needs improvement Listening to whether certain frequencies have been cut or boosted and the nature of these sounds are critical to developing a good ear […]

Graceland by Paul Simon, a simple overview.

I have started to use Variations Audio Timeliner to analyse songs and its a pretty cool program. Check out this simple breakdown of Paul Simon’s hit ‘Graceland’. Graceland-Paul Simon Intro- Instrumental intro (0:00.0) Verse 1- Vocals enter (0:40.7) Chorus- ‘I’m going to Graceland’ (0:56.3) Verse 2 (1:29.8) Chorus- ‘Im going to graceland’ slight variation of […]