I had a rehearsal with Contralto Emma Warburton today and a live performance of Thoughts on Rain may be closer than we think! I played through the violin lines whilst Emma sang and offered advice on the score. The suggestions Emma made have been noted and its good to know that nothing musically has to be changed, just visually. The changes are simple things like slurring and accents – when to use them and when to shelve. These alterations will be made in conjunction with editing  and printing the individual parts.

Here is the exported MIDI from Sibelius of Thoughts on Rain. I had to use Pro Tools to shift the pitch from A=440 to A=415 because it seems Sibelius is incapable of using different tunings when using their pre-loaded library Sibelius SoundsPitch shift is possible on Sibelius if you are using the General MIDI setting. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have found a work-around for this issue as it would be handy on future projects!

I have also included a PDF copy of the score for viewing with the MIDI mock-up.

ThoughtOnRain PDF

Until next time, stay creative! 😀

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