Further reactions to Dr McCombe’s question as to what is the purpose of the piece and why bring it into the world. This reflection relates to Thoughts on Rain.

I just met Jordi Savall which was amazing and incredible. He signed my copy of Bach’s unaccompanied partitas and sonatas. He was in Melbourne for a concert and while he visited he opened the early music studio in Conservatorium. During his opening speech he said some really great words like music being the one thing that is truly understood by any language – the emotion of music and what it does, it transcends borders and beliefs. I love that train of thought.

Another interesting point he made was that in life, the greatest thing you can do is something that makes you happy but also brings joy to others. In his opinion that was the meaning of life. This comment really hit home because this is what I’m trying to do with my new compositions. Because I am playing so much baroque violin it brings me an immense amount of joy, by composing for this medium then hopefully others can be moved and find joy. 

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