After further contemplation of Dr. McCombe’s question as to what is the purpose of the piece and why bring it into the world. This relates to Thoughts on Rain.

I’ve decided that to do something meaningful is to do something where your talent lies and where your heart lies. My heart lies in playing baroque violin, I spend many hours playing and listening to baroque music so it makes sense to actually compose for that style of instrument. The main performers I know personally are all members of the baroque ensemble and they are the ones most likely to play the music I write.

In a conversation with Shane Lestideau, guest director of the MCM baroque ensemble I was advised that her group plays and commissions new works for period instruments which is very exciting to me and a prospect that I love the sound of.

It has become obvious to use the baroque ensemble for its texture and colour. Thinking of composers like Corelli I remind myself that he was chiefly a violinist, now he is remembered hundreds of years later as a composer. It makes sense to me to bring both skills into one.

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