Before beginning the composition Thoughts on Rain, I was prompted by Dr. McCombe to consider a question;

what is the purpose of the piece, why bring it into the world?

I love playing Baroque music on violin, traditional Irish on violin and Chinese music on erhu. Playing with friends and family, in bands with friends, the very act of playing is extremely enjoyable. When I come across a piece of music I like, that is the most rewarding part of the compositional process. As composers, how do we bring into the modern-age something original when many musical-milestones have already been written. We’re trying to be state of the art and original.

The majority of the time, I want to play something that is fun. Music that sounds good to the person in the street or in the concert hall, wherever it is played, it sounds good to the audience. I want it to be fun for the musicians which compels them to play more, but also have a higher meaning and become art.

  • fun
  • sounds good
  • art
  • meaning.

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