I had the pleasure of attending an incredible live performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre of National Treasures, an event that included a stunning mix of large, medium and small instrument ensembles from China. The show was part of the Chinese New Year Concert 2018: Treasures of a Nation, an inspiring and dazzling display of the capabilities and power of music and performance.


The different ensembles were excellent for hearing first-hand how the characters and tone colours of the instruments work together, along with the certain ceremony from the soloists when they grace the stage with their lavishly decorated clothes and adornments.


The Melbourne Recital Centre has rich acoustics and is visually stunning, it kind of gives you the feeling of being inside an instrument!


After the show I met Ma Yunhe (above-right) and Wang Jia-nan (above-left). Ma Yunhe played Bamboo Flute in an effortless display of virtuosity for Jian Guangyi’s New Melody for the Herdsmen, an incredible sight to see and a moving performanceI also met the promoter of the show, Jerry Xin from Ausfeng who interviewed me afterwards asking my thoughts on the promotion of Chinese music and ensembles.

In reflection; writing the music for the game Dyadic peaked my interest in traditional instruments and music from China, which inspired me to learn Mandarin. I have been using Pimsleur language programs for a little over one year and it really seems to work. I believe it works because of the way it makes you analyse the sound of the words, something all of us sound-nerds can relate to! Learning Mandarin has helped in connecting with the event staff and performers, and being able to converse in a simple manner was fun and rewarding, even though it was a little comical because of my naivety with the language.

What a show and what an inspiration, Stay Creative! 😀

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