I have completed the third and final Symphonic Poem in the trilogy and it may just be “the one”. As with the previous Symphonic Poems, I started with short-score, then orchestrated it. The Piece tells a tale and may inspire you or make you think of a story, in fact I will be disappointed if it doesn’t! To me, the piece tells a story that starts with mystery, then through the fog and with sudden vigour, a heroic figure enters to cast away the foes. After the hero has won in battle, a beautiful figure of royal stature appears and reminds the hero that they must face their greatest fear and do battle against an enemy who is more powerful than one could hope to win against. Setting of into a strange and distant land, the hero stumbles across a forest that is beautiful and wondrous, until finally meeting the villain in an ultimate showdown.

My description of the work is what it made me feel. What type of journey does it make you picture? Until next time, stay creative!

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