OK, I now seem like I jump ship on a daily basis when it comes to making music on computers, but I have finally reached a point composing on PC’s where I am happy to be (I am actually thrilled!). In my previous post, I had described the process of using short score to make composing more efficient, and today I would like to share with you my latest piece. I have composed another Symphonic Poem and it was made in the same way as the first, I used short score to get the skeleton of the music, then orchestrated it. A laptop computer with the Windows OS was used, East West libraries are used exclusively. I am now extremely satisfied with my simple set-up of my laptop, sample library and headphones, heck, I didn’t even use an instrument or MIDI controller for the whole piece! The joy of composing away from instruments is amazing, the creativity flows straight from brain to computer and it demonstrates the simplicity of the set-up, I could compose literally anywhere, anytime, and that is a very rewarding feeling.

This Symphonic Poem is a representation of the feeling of being an animal in flight or perhaps a fish swimming, and symbolises both the free and chaotic natures of these animal’s lives. A game designer recently asked me a question which was to the effect of what type of games do I want to make, I knew the answer to this question but it seemed hard to articulate in words and that is why I composed this piece, to say what I couldn’t with words. I want to make games where you take on the role of an animal, where mechanics empower the user to feel what it would like to be an animal. Games that make use of swarming and test immediate hand-eye coordination, perhaps large multiplayer games where each player is an individual animal in the flock/pack/swarm etc. These principals for my “perfect” game came to me after articulating in music what was hard to do through words alone. This symphonic poem makes me feel free and I adore adventure and wonder, that is what I want to feel when playing games. As a composer for games, my job is to provide a service and that service is to supply audio that is best for the game, my dream, however, is to collaborate with like-minded people and let the music help inspire and shape the game, much like my work on Alight.

I am now composing at a level that I am happy with and I feel that I can use PC’s to make music equally as efficiently as Mac, in fact, this may be the best piece I have written and that is what impresses me, I composed this in one day with the most simplistic set-up I have used in years. Until next time, stay creative! 😀


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