In a previous blog post I had discussed the issues of using a Windows operating system to compose music, and in particular, creating MIDI sequences that trigger virtual instruments. I had come to conclusion that I preferred Mac, but after having another go at composing with a windows operating system I had more luck and success than I previously gave the windows system credit for. I composed a piece of music using my Windows rig and found that I really enjoyed the process and the outcome. Why did I have more success? I believe it was the way I using my machine. I will delve into the details in this post, so let us have a listen whilst we discover what has made this composition a success.

The main factor that gave me success whilst composing this time around was the fact that I only used samples that were loaded onto the computer’s hard drive, instead of using samples that were being pulled from an external hard drive. To elaborate on this, the samples were taken from East West libraries and loaded onto a drive on my computer. East West’s external hard drive is great and comes with the entire East West catalogue, the only problem is that although being USB-3, the rate at which the samples are needed is too much for the system to handle. When I used Kontakt libraries on my Mac, the samples were being pulled straight from the included hard drive, so I though that doing the same on my Windows rig wouldn’t matter too much. For some reason, it did matter and that is why I used the samples that were already installed on a hard drive on my computer. Forgive me if this is rudimentary to you, this blog is a just a way for me to reflect on my personal experience and hopefully help anyone who is at a similar stage in their creative journey.

I only used the Play player from East West and used East West instruments exclusively. I don’t think this had too much of an impact, and it shouldn’t, for if you think about it, the virtual instruments are like an artist’s colour palette, and it should not matter what paints are being used. One thing I did notice, however, was that Windows is more unstable than Mac and I seemed to saved every single edit. It is a good practice to continually save and regular saving should be done regardless of operating system and machine, I just found that I was terrified if I didn’t save continually on PC, because of the stability issue.


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