Hi everyone! Today I would like to discuss my views on changing operating systems from Mac to Windows, and what this means in terms of composing and workflow.

In the last few months, I have been trying to convert from Mac to Windows and thought the process would have been a little easier than it has been. If you follow this blog then you would know that I am a Mac user and love Mac, and all of my previous compositions were on a Mac, running Pro Tools with Komplete 9 Ultimate. I had been able to streamline my workflow and get ideas from brain to computer with little hassle, which of course is a must if inspiration strikes.

Now enter the Gigabyte Sabre 15 running Windows 10. Many Windows-users will scoff at Mac-users and tell them that their computing experience is being held at ransom and customisation is all but a dream… fair, but the thing is, Mac works. It just works. The nightmare that I am having trying to just streamline workflow and get ideas into the computer is insufferable. Pro Tools will crash, I need strange drivers to complete menial tasks and all around creativity is just being battered by the technology. Technology should be there to aid in creation, it needs to be accessible and it must not hinder creativity. I find myself problem solving, just to get the system to work and this is taking away from precious composing time.

Admittedly, I need to adjust to Windows and have to give myself time to see if I can make this work, but how much time does one spend on an endeavour that may very well be in vain. On the positive side, Windows PC’s are great and upgrading is a piece of cake, the parts are relatively cheap and you are able to customise your rig to suit your every need. So do I spend more money upgrading to a faster and more powerful Mac rig, or trudge away with the Windows set-up? Time will be the ultimate judge.

Another factor that may be getting in the way is the fact that I have been using East West sample libraries instead of the tried and true Kontakt libraries. Making my virtual instruments sound as polished as Kontakt is harder, but I am certain that this is because of my unfamiliarity with the software. East West make some very nice sounding libraries and I particularly like the Hollywood Brass Diamond sound-bank, it sounds absolutely amazing!

Playing games is of course a no-brainer when it comes to Windows PC’s, and if it wasn’t for games like Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead, I may have thrown the Windows rig on the curb! A bit harsh, I know, but if this experiment with changing operating systems fails, then at least I have a powerful system to play games on. I will keep you up to date with how things are going and hopefully I can start to streamline my workflow and get prolific again.

Thanks for reading and stay creative! 🙂


  1. I worked many years on PCs with Windows (up to Windows XP) and made horrible experiences with stability, driver-conflicts and all these unnecessary Windows-problems. Maybe Windows has improved meanwhile, but since I switched to a Mac I never looked back. The only downside is the price, so because I am still on a 2008 Imac I recently became interested in the topic “Hackintosh”.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, heartscore! It really takes time away from being creative…and nobody has time for that. I have had limited success with PC and I really should try a little harder, but Mac works and I have had the most success with them. The stability of Mac’s OS and the accessability they provide for creative’s is second to none, the price, as you mentioned is the only thing that stands in the way of more people using them. I’ve heard of people building a hackintosh…have you researched any further into it? BTW I really enjoyed your post on your Metallica adaptation!


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