In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was hosting a series of workshops at some Gold Coast High Schools. The events were a complete success and a few students even picked up a free copy of Dyadic, for being attentive and studious while the workshop took place. The workshops started with myself conducting the string orchestras, performing an arrangement of Precipice from the Dyadic OST, which was recorded into Pro Tools, then a demonstration of Dyadic where the students got to play the game, followed by a discussion on what goes into making the music for games.


It was a privilege to conduct the ensembles and hearing Precipice performed by real musicians was wonderful.


The students at Benowa High performed extremely well, as you can hear from the listening example above. The performance was captured by a matched pair of sE 4400a’s, set to an omni polar pattern, using an ORTF configuration placed above and behind the conductor’s head. The mic set-up worked extremely well in capturing the different instruments and for overall balance.

For post-processing, an RC 24 Softube reverb unit from Native Instruments was used, with the Cinemascope preset. I am a fan of the Cinemascope preset and while it may muddy up the mix when wet, set to a mix of around 30 to 40 percent gives a lovely, huge sounding reverb that still has definition.

RC24 reverb unit.
RC24 reverb unit.

While some people may not like to use presets, I believe they are very handy and time-saving when using plug-ins that have been created by highly skilled people who are experts in their field.

The score to Precipice
The score to Precipice

I also mentioned in my last blog that the score would be available for anyone to perform, provided they have at least a string quintet (string orchestra is optimal), so here are the links to download the score and individual parts.







If you do happen to use the music and perform it, I would love to hear about it, so keep me posted!

The Dyadic workshops have been a very rewarding exercise and reminded me of how well our Indie company, Handsome Dragon Games did in creating our first full-length game. Seeing the students play the game and enjoy it was brilliant and hearing the performance come to life as I conducted, cemented the fact that I was in the profession that I truly believe in.


Dyadic is available on Steam and is currently 50% off, so now is the perfect time to check it out and grab yourself a copy while it is cheap!



Thanks for reading and stay creative!

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