The 48Hour Game Making Challenge is now finished and the Handsome Dragon Games crew fought bravely in the “Arms Race”. We didn’t win any awards, instead we won something far more important, a new Artist and a really cool new game, “Arms Race”. There were times in the comp that we thought the project may fail spectacularly, but with hard work and dedication we submitted a game that everyone in the team was proud of, and a game that the general public loved! Everyone who played Arms Race during the showcase smiled and even LOL’d, a result that was inspiring and rewarding.


Anais Riley caught some nice footage of your humble-blogging-host playing arms race and as you will see, it is all about the mash! Thanks Anais!

One thing the team did exceptionally well at this year was HDG promo-gear. We had the Banner which took up the whole entrance, Mugs that were filled with coffee 24/7, T-Shirts, business cards and Mouse-Pads, so if nothing else, the subliminal imagery would have paid off!


I always love the way the HDG logo looks on new items of merch, so do our game-making peers, who commented on how organised we were. Personally, I think the merch made us feel like a team, giving weight to the fact that games are the sum of a group’s creativity, not an individual endeavour, one could even say that “there is no ‘I’ in games!”

The Collective
HDG Family
Ultra-Blurry Arm Wrestle!
Ultra-Blurry Arm Wrestle!
The Adoring Public
Fellow Dev’s!

In the coming weeks, Arms Race will be available for download so stay tuned for updates. Thanks for reading and stay creative!

The Power of Merch!
The Power of Merch!

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