Hi everyone! On Valentines Day 2016, I was lucky enough to collaborate with the extremely talented artist, Jacinta. We had the day to record a song of her choosing, which was the then untitled song that later became “Follow”. Jacinta played the Ukulele and Sang on her original song, then I placed the virtual ensemble over the top.

For me, the most memorable part of this song is the true “Indie” nature of the recording, one mic, a hotel room, an Mbox Pro and a Mac Mini running Pro Tools with Native Instruments. The outcome of the recording is astounding for the timeframe and equipment used, a true testament to Jacinta’s skill as a Musician and Vocalist. If you have been following this blog then you would recall that Valentines Day, the 14th of February was right in the middle of crunch time for Dyadic, Handsome Dragon Games’ first release on Steam. Because of the overlap in projects, the instruments I chose to layer over the top of “Follow” are mostly the same instruments found in the Dyadic OST. Kalimba, Solo Cello, Shakuhachi and the Bubbling Synth-Rhythm found in Dyadic all make an appearance in Jacinta’s memorable love-song.

When recording the song, Jacinta decided to do two separate takes of her vocals, so I could decide which one was better and use the stronger take…the funny thing is, when listening back to each take, they were near-identical in phrasing and quality! What a dream for a humble producer to have such talent! Instead of choosing just one of the vocal takes, I layered them in places that added to the emotion of the track, an effect that worked a treat! The layering of the vocals also made me think of how similar Jacinta sounds to Sinead O’Connor.

After the track was produced, Jacinta let me know that she was also a Filmmaker and has employed me to compose the music for two of her short films, both of which she has written and directed. Thanks for reading and stay creative!

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