Good news everyone! Dyadic launched on Steam today as the first official title of Handsome Dragon Games. This is a milestone for the indie game studio, who have toiled for the past 11 months between study and work to release a game on the worlds largest digital distribution platform.

Dyadic was released on Steam 26/02/2016
Dyadic was released on Steam 26/02/2016


As well as the game being for sale on Steam, the Original Sound Track, composed by your humble-blogging-host is now available in the form of a digital download, mastered to Red Book standard. This marks the start of my career as a Composer for Games.

You can check out the OST HERE.

The soundtrack has 13 pieces of original music with a playtime of 51 minutes, so this was the most ambitious and extensive project I have worked on to date.

Fans Already!
Fans Already!

It is rewarding to note that the Steam User, Quantization, has already reviewed Dyadic and comments that the “music fits perfectly”. As a composer this is the most I would’ve hoped for, the general public accepting and enjoying the music written for the game, music which is there to support and enhance the experience.

Our programmers have implemented the music with precision and after playing the game, the OST has an emotional impact on the listener, this is because of the “active participation” element in games. Participating in the experience actively has a psychological effect on the end-user, for when the OST is heard in isolation, memories of playing the game and the emotions felt whilst playing it are triggered. The triggering of these emotional states is what makes game OST’s special and in many cases gives the player something more than a passive medium like Television or Film can achieve (this is a personal belief and I do love a good film score so don’t hate me!).

Now that Dyadic has launched, the process of reflection and post-mortem can begin. Of course there are always things we learn along the way for the next project, but for now I am enjoying the birth of our baby, a game that is within reach of 15 million Steam users.


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