Ciao! I have been documenting the progress of Dyadic for some time now, anyone new to the Blog can catch up on the progress HERE.

For the past year, the Red Panda soundtrack had remained as my favourite body of work, that was until I had been given the task of composing 40 minutes of new music for Dyadic. Using an eclectic ensemble of instruments and keeping the tonality largely “Oriental” has paved the way for what I believe to be some of my finest compositions. Apart from being music for the upcoming Handsome Dragon Games release, the Dyadic OST is essentially a Suite for Cello and Shakuhachi. The 45 minute soundtrack cycles through different emotions, tempos and time signatures but remains constant through instrumentation, featuring the soulful duo of Shakuhachi and Cello, analogies for the main characters Huang and Lu.

Huang and Lu
Huang and Lu

The relationship of the instruments tell a story through music, a story that is not explained in the game. The history or knowledge we have about our protagonists is limited, which adds to the romance and mystery of who or what they are, where they have come from or why they are there (in the world of Dyadic). This mystery, romantic as it may seem, has to be explained and if the story doesn’t reveal the secrets of our green and yellow dyad, then the music must hint at their origin, more importantly, the music must give us a glimpse of what the characters FEEL. Looking into the eyes of Huang and Lu, it is impossible to imagine they feel no emotion.

“If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music” – Gustav Mahler

That famous Mahler quote sums up the importance of music in the creative process of Game-Development, not everything can be explained through words or story, we need a human attachment, something to relate to as human beings.


Subterrane is the final piece I have composed for Dyadic and its existence is due to a shuffle of music in the game, all done for the end result, to have music that supports and enhances the gameplay. The original music for the final zone in Dyadic wasn’t dark enough, so it was moved and new music was required. The initial idea was to remix some of the existing tracks to make them darker in tone, but after consideration the decision was to compose entirely new pieces, a decision that I am thankful for. Subterrane features all of the ingredients found in the Dyadic OST, an ensemble consisting of our “stars”, the Cello and Shakuhachi (Huang and Lu), Gamelan, String Orchestra, Persian Ney, Ngoni, Synth, African Percussion and Female Choir.


Dyadic will be available on Steam 26/02/2016.

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