Hi there, in my previous blog I mentioned that the Dyadic soundtrack was complete….I should have known that the fun was not done!

After some discussion in a Handsome Dragon Games Skype meeting, we came to the conclusion that the music for the Third Zone had to be darker in tone and a chase scene featuring in the Second Zone had to be more intense than the previously composed piece, Erhu, The Dragon. Without delay I put back on my Dyadic cap and started composing some more music for the game.


Solo Cello and Choir dissonances introduce the theme of Precipice before the Synth Bass that was present in Steams of Sapphire enters and adds momentum. As I had mentioned with Streams of Sapphire, the Synth Bass is achieved through sending MIDI information to the Retro Machines – MK2 software instrument. The MK2 is then told to arpeggiate the incoming MIDI signals and the result is a bubbling syncopated rhythm. After the main theme is heard in unison from the Shakuhachi and Cello, the fog clears and an adventurous motif appears, giving hope to our players seemingly endless endeavours. The inspirational middle section of the piece then gives way to a Ngoni riff that lays an accompaniment down with the MK2’s bubbling rhythm. This Ngoni and MK2 combination supports a melody from the Shakuhachi and Piano that blends a Japanese Hirojoshi scale with the “blue” notes found in a Blues scale, the result is a catchy melody that has real emotion and groove.


Without spoiling the game too much, I can tell you that there is a fantastic chase in the game where our players must escape the impending doom of an incredible foe. The original chase music was Erhu, The Dragon, but after careful consideration, we felt that the chosen music was too positive in tone. Dragonrise is composed with a 7/8 time signature and is in the Locrian mode, one of the most unsettling modes of all. The Locrian mode was even banned in bygone cultures, some believed it caused unrest in the masses while others thought it to be the “Devil in Music”. The Locrian mode’s unfortunate history is largely due to the flattened 5th degree, which is classed as imperfect and dissonant. For Dragonrise, the combination of an uneven time signature and dissonant harmonies give the tension that the stage needed, which is intensified by using heavy Strings, generous amounts of Percussion and low, hard-hammered Piano.

I hope you enjoy these new additions to the Dyadic OST, I know I do! 21 days to go until Dyadic is released on Steam through Handsome Dragon Games so stay tuned for updates! Thanks for reading and stay creative!




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