Hi everyone, happy new year and I hope you have all been staying creative! If you have been following the progression of Dyadic then you would have seen the game evolve from its humble beginnings as a student project into a greenlit gem for the platform Steam. Dyadic is set to be released on the 26th of February 2016 by Handsome Dragon Games .

D-Day is coming!
D-Day is coming!

The schedule is tight and your humble-blogging-host has been given a timeframe of a new song every two days until the end of January! In typical creative fashion, crunch-time often yields some of our finest results and Dyadic is no exception. Having deadlines often forces our hands and as composers, they make us get the job done. If we never had deadlines then our compositions may never truly be finished! The Dyadic OST is growing every day (well every two days! lol) so make sure to check out my Soundcloud HERE.

I will leave you with one of the latest compositions from Dyadic, “Streams of Sapphire”. Below is a description of the level, written by our fearless and handsome leader, Jack Kuskoff.

The caves lead into vast open caverns, filled with water and more man-made structures. Waterfalls flow down from above, rivers course their way through the caverns, and shafts of light filter in here and there, making the water shine. This zone is to instil a sense of wonder and beauty.

Until next time we meet, stay creative! 🙂

HDG_logo_on white_2


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