Ted Kocher (TKO) has won the friendly composer competition by Technical Knock Out! If you haven’t heard about the Composer Competitions, hosted by Cody Tedrick, then feel free to check my previous blog HERE for all the details. Ted was who I voted for in the competition, mostly because of the memorable piano melody and the overall polished quality of the piece, well done Ted!

Ted Kocher is a GRAMMY nominated music professional who specialises in music composition, audio production, audio editorials and interactive music systems. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ted was nominated for a GRAMMY in 2012 for his work as Music Editor in the hugely successful game, Journey.

The competition was the first in hopefully a long series of comps where upcoming composers can flex their creative muscle and produce some fine work to display and gain valuable feedback. With Ted winning the comp this time around, he has been tasked with setting the parameters for the next competition, due on the 13 of November 2015. If you would like to enter in the next round, then just CLICK THIS LINK to the Facebook page and join up!

The Second Challenge – Jungle Adventure

Heres the story to compose to:

A Jeep chase through the jungle, enemies starting close behind you, then falling out of sight. Just when you think you are safe, the enemies approach you from a place you didn’t expect!
The ending should tell us the story of how the chase ends!

KEY: G (minor or major..or both!)
TEMPO: 150bpm

I can’t wait for the next challenge!

The experience of taking part in the Composer Competition has been very rewarding and for the first challenge, I came fifth! I am happy about the result and after seeing the talent of the group, feel inspired!


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