Here we are at the end of another trimester and it has been a great ride! I have learnt many things in the last 13 weeks like mastering, advanced studio and surround sound techniques and polished up on skills like studio etiquette, communication and time management. Actions speak louder than words, but it is with words that I must communicate with you so let’s use them to take a tour of what I have achieved in trimester 5 of the Bachelor of Audio at SAE QANTM Brisbane.

  • My Blog turned one
  • I analysed what makes the music of Mortal Kombat and Geometry Wars so special
  • I scared myself by learning about Worldising in the form of a spooky horror soundscape
  • I had five point fun in surround sound and learnt how to optimise a 5.1 set-up
  • I learnt that I can network with the best of ’em and organised to record the Queensland Wind Orchestra, recording the Australian premiere of Viet Cuong’s “Moth”
  •  Slackbot, an AI program on the Slack platform became my good friend (love you, Slackbot!)
  • I project managed a Jazz Band recording, working under the direction of Guy Gray, capturing the guitar wizardry of Bart Stenhouse
  • Taking advice from Chrissy Tignor Fisher, I learnt to route Kontakt in Pro Tools like a pro!
  • I transcribed the first 100 bars of “Mars the Bringer of War” by Gustav Holst for MIDI Orchestra
  • I composed a Dan Forden inspired soundtrack and made a mock-up of the complex Horizontal Layering system that is used in Mortal Kombat X
  • By contacting composer Viet Cuong, I was given permission to use my recording of his composition “Moth” publicly
  • Dyadic made it to Steam Greenlight and was greenlit, marking the furthest point my career as a Video Game Composer has been
  • Working with an incredibly talented group of animators, I produced a Pacific Rim-style soundtrack for an advertisement on green energy
  • I helped my friend Alexander Nasteski by playing Violin, Acoustic and Electric guitars on his new album “Octopussy”
  • My Blog had over 1000 views in the past 13 weeks! (Thanks MIDIMIKE, REUBPRESS, DAKOTA JADE, JAM, TAYMARYROBERTS, KAZES1992, ABBEYHG, GOLNARAN, ENDZIZ, THETHOUSANDTIMES and all my other loyal Blogarians!)
Over 100 views in 13 weeks is pretty good for a MIDI fanatic!
Over 1000 views in 13 weeks is pretty good for a MIDI fanatic!
  • The QWO have requested my service for their next concert on the 12th of September in the Old Museum Building
  • I taught myself and in turn taught you how to make MIDI sequences in the style of Telemann
  • I even tried my hand at synthwave!
  • And as I was typing this Blog, my site reached 200 likes!
Getting people to like stuff is harder than it looks!
Getting people to like stuff is harder than it looks!


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