They like us, they really like us!

I have some brilliant news for you all today, Dyadic has been voted by the general public to become available on Steam! In my last post I described what steam-greenlight was and in the time since we last met, Dyadic has been greenlit, which means we now have the ability to actually turn our project into a game that is available for purchase worldwide! This is very exciting news for your-humble-blogging-host and the rest of the team are just as thrilled as I am, we just have to finish uni and continue to get good grades in the mean-time! Thank you for your support, whether you have followed the progression of the game from its inception, given it a vote on steam or even if you have just seen what Dyadic is and you are simply reading this blog for amusement! My sincere thanks go out to everyone who has in some way supported the game.

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