Stop Being So Slack!

If you are in need of a team collaboration tool and are sick of getting side-tracked from using a Facebook group-page then you should check out ‘slack’. Slack is the perfect tool for teams to work on projects in real-time and bounce ideas or concerns to everyone involved in the group. It is set up with a number of ‘channels’ that are dedicated to whatever topics you choose, so it makes workflow seamless and is great if you are working with other disciplines. I will give you an example of why slack is effective, taken from a discussion from the latest game we are working on.

Typical Conversation in Slack
Typical Conversation in Slack

That excerpt was taken from the ‘General’ channel, a channel that everyone in the team is a member of by default. The platform is also excellent when it comes to crunch-time and things need to happen instantly so check it out if you’re collaborating!

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