Calling all Cars!

For my final project at SAE QANTM I would like to record an orchestra or large ensemble and am in the process of putting my feelers out there. If we cast our minds back to the Dyadic soundtrack that I composed, then we remember that sometimes you just have to throw yourself in the deep end and start contacting whoever can help in the quest. For Dyadic, I knew that we needed traditional Chinese music for the score (to suit the visual style) and that’s where I met Dr Nicholas Ng, an accomplished musician and composer who offered his service, came into the studio on a sunday and performed my melodies on Erhu and Hulusi, thanks again Nick! I met Nick online from canvasing and just putting my intentions out there and in return for his service I offered to help out in the community wherever I could. He was a gentleman and ended up performing for me to record, out of the kindness of his heart, to help me gain the skills I need if I am to become successful in being a composer and all round “audio-guy” for games. Erhu, The Dragon was track I had written for Dyadic and has become one of my most played pieces of music and just typing “sam mclean erhu” into google gets some fantastic results! (shameless self-promotion lol)

Fast forward to today and I am in a similar situation to Dyadic, sending out emails to anyone who will listen in the hope of “getting a few bites”. Once again I have offered my service as a volunteer wherever it is needed and hopefully one of the ensembles will be in contact with me shortly! If we make our intentions known then people will make theirs known too, and with any luck we can all help each-other in our musical journeys. As Akshay says, “Onwards and Upwards!”

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