Sam the BardBarian

Howdy Y’all, your humble blogging host has some exciting news for you today! Some of my peers and I have joined forces to create a two player strategy game that is based on the old-norse gods and of course, vikings. The game is still in pre-production and the ideas are being thrown around like a beach-ball so nothing is set in stone as of yet but what I can tell you is this, we are going to implement an adaptive music system that grows in intensity as the battles progress. There will be different factions that you can play as and each of theses factions will have their own variation of the theme music. The factions will also have a hero, an old-norse god that has a particular ability and one of the heroes is even a made up god, Sam the Bardbarian, god of metal. lol

As a group we are called Jotunheim (the land of the frost giants) and if we think back to Alight, then we can remember how important having a name is, for it brings us together and makes the team think as one. For communication and as a platform to work on the design and production of the game we have chosen to use “Slack”, a very effective “team collaboration tool” that leaves the old Facebook group page for dead so check it out if you need a system to collaborate with others.


Stay tuned for updates and thanks for reading!



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