Happy Birthday, Blog!

Happy Birthday sambomac.wordpress.com! Today is a very special day because it is one year on from this blogs inception and to celebrate I would like to take a step back in time and have a look at some of the highlights of the past year. The creation of the first coffee tin guitar inspired some Viking music and the song Ships over Southern Seas remains one of my most popular tracks on soundcloud!


I had wanted to get back into composing with MIDI seriously and that’s when I wrote Lord of the Waters, a song that featured all virtual instruments from Logic X. I love Tolkien and recorded myself reading from a Tolkien encyclopaedia and composed some music to suit. Looking back on this one it is a little embarrassing but hey, that’s what this blog is about, reliving all the memories and seeing how far this journey has brought us!


The Harmonious Frenchman. I learnt to build samplers and deep-sampled my harmonica.


WarFire, the first game soundtrack I ever worked on was a good memory and although the game was never completed, it marked the start of my career as a game composer.


August was a month of music for animations and included the soundtracks for 2020 and Viklings.


Binalong Bay was a song that I produced for Angus and Wendi Snow-McLean that was a lot of fun.


I made my own MILO Tinstrument and taught you how to do the same!


The beginning of the Red Panda Game compositions. Although the game never was completed, the Red Panda soundtrack has some of my favourite compositions.



CoffeeCrawler was a game made in the 40 hour make a thing challenge and I was awarded best game sound for the song that was made by sampling my hair comb.


Radial, a game made by David Whitehouse was a beauty!


I produced the soundtrack to Prosperity, using a vertical layering system.


Disremember was a short film that I composed the music for Zimmer-style!

Alight was a very rewarding experience and probably my favourite game that I have worked on.

Recording Nicholas Ng on Erhu for the game Dyadic would have to be one of the best experiences of my entire life!


This has been a walk-through of the highlights for my past year of blogging and remember there are plenty more so I encourage you to have a look through the archives and find some gems! I will leave you with a comparison of the stats of this site, from a year ago to now, to prove that blogging matters. Happy Birthday!

year ago
One Year Ago
I am Famous. lol
I am Famous. lol

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