Fireflies Fear No Failure

An interesting question was asked to Alight’s programmer, David Whitehouse today about why the game was a success and why the team worked so well together. At the time no one in the room really knew the answer but we knew that if we could find out what this mystery ingredient was, then we could apply it to future projects and use it to our advantage. After contemplating this question myself I have come to the conclusion that our team and game were successes because of our team name, “Audeamus” and what became of it. The word audeamus is Latin for “let us dare” and our lead artist Erika Verkaaik was quick to make a stunning logo to represent us.

The Logo Made Us One Unit

The logo gave us a feeling of being a team and it made us think together, it even sums up the ethos of our game, that the collective is more important than the individual. Without trying to have a political aspect on this train of thought, our game became successful because not one member in the team was less important than another, we were a group, a swarm, we were the fireflies!

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