This Is How We Do It

The playtest for Dyadic was held yesterday and I managed to get my hands on a copy and have a play. After playing the game, we were asked to fill out a questionnaire about our experience to provide as feedback for the development team so they could make any changes that were needed to enhance the game. Because the questionnaire focused mainly on game play, I had to use my artistic judgement to enhance the audio and came to a few conclusions.

New Menu Music

The menu music needed to change, this is because it was still an old version of the song that didn’t make use of any of Nicholas Ng‘s performances. To remedy this we used a portion of the first levels music, with the addition of player two’s melody layer. Player two’s melody is played on a Hulusi and is an improvisation from Nicholas, recorded after we had finished the pre-written parts and was just so good that I had to use it!

I had discussed with Jack Kuskoff to use this improvised melody by itself for the menu screen but he thought that as a solo it felt a bit bare, so we went with the version that has the ensemble as well. Heres an example of the new Menu-Screen music,

New Credits Music

The original credits music was the long version of ‘Erhu, The Dragon’ but this needed changing because the Erhu melody only enters at around the one minute mark and the credits are only 40 seconds long. To make sure that the Erhu was really featured in the track, I made a version that starts right on the melody, with the Erhu being heard immediately (if you record an Erhu then you want everyone to hear it!).

New Door Close Sound Effect

The sound effect that I had made for when a door closes was very boomy and when heard in isolation sounded fine but in context of the game was out of place. The door-close sound was unsuccessful because in normal gameplay you hear it every  5 seconds or so, meaning the effect was repeated so many times in such a short amount of time that it started to take over the soundtrack. To remedy the problem of listener fatigue, I am making a new sound for when the doors close that is very subtle, without much low-end at all.

The programmers have already implemented the music changes and will update the door sound effect as soon as it is done, in time for the gallery viewing on the 28th of april.

For an insight to the recording process, I will leave you with a video of the recording session with Nicholas Ng, made by Alexander Nasteski.


  1. I think I just shat my pants.
    These instruments and compositions are awesome. The improvisation is a great idea for the Menu as it makes reference for what is to come without letting the cat out of the bag prematurely and gets the player in the zone.
    Thanks for the upload of the recording process. It is always nice to have some light shed on the process of nutting out the fine detail and was cool seeing the collaboration between you and Nicholas.
    Nicholas looks like a great musician to work with, very knowable and skilled in many areas.
    Can’t wait to play the game!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you reubpress! The whole process from start to finish has been so enjoyable and hearing the end result is a real pleasure and needless to say, makes me proud! I was amazed when I heard Nicholas play the first couple of lines of the melody, in fact I was so impressed that Alex and I Hi-Fived in the studio and then started giggling with delight. The possibilities of the combination of MIDI and authentic instruments is incredible and this project has demonstrated that, with results that have far exceeded any expectations 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


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