I Cant Think With All That Noise

Hello everyone, the push to make Dyadic a reality is really starting to intensify and the first play-test has been held, with some good, constructive feedback. The feedback survey that was created for the play-test dealt more with the technical issues of the game rather than artistic ones, so the audio wasn’t the main focus. Without too much feedback about how the audio affected the player’s experience, I had to reflect personally and have come to some conclusions, the first track I have made for this game suits the gameplay perfectly but the second track I have made is just too intense for the style. Angelica Zurawski, our lead artist and animator had warned me about the music being too busy for the game play and after she set me up with a personal play-test, I agreed (thanks for setting that up Angelica!). Realising that my new track (Phase One – The Race) was just too intense for the speed of the game I contacted our fearless lead Jack Kuskoff to see if we could use it anywhere else in the game and we have agreed that it will actually suit the credits quite well (I think even a short version for a promotional advertisement).

So why did I make the music intense in the first place if we knew that this style of game was ponderous? It all stems from the GDD or Game Design Document. The GDD is our holy tome for everything about the game we are creating, it covers everything that will be featured in the game including the 3 big ones, Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics. Here is an example of what you can expect to find in a GDD,

Second to Second
Minute to Minute
Hour to Hour
Opening Level
Phase 1: The Race
Phase 2: The Puzzles
Phase 3: The Desire
Layered Approach
Player Specific Layers
Deer Scare (Shishi Odoshi)
Dripping/Trickling Water
Running Stream
Falling Stones
Sound Effects
UI – Button Pressed
UI – Confirm
UI – BackOut/Cancel
Player Footsteps
Player Jump
Player Landing Light
Player Landing Heavy
Item Pickup
Item Drop
Statue Pickup
Statue Drop
Door Opening
Door Closing
Elevator Extending (CUT)
Elevator Retracting (CUT)
Cogs Turning
Button Down
Button Up
Beam of Light
Beam Hitting Receiver
Chute Open/Close
The Players
The Puzzles
Jade Statue
Cog Slot
Beam of Light – Source
Beam of Light – Receiver
Elevator (CUT)
Chute (Formerly Hatch)
Traps – Desirable
Moving Walls
The End Zone
Connection Indicators
The Camera
Main Menu
In-Game Interface
Risk Assessment

In the Audio section of the GDD I have essentially a ‘shopping list’ of what the Game-Designer would like to see happen in the game, and from the GDD, I can get the ‘shopping trolley’ and fill it with tasty audio treats.

Here is a closer look at the audio section of the document.




The music is to make use of traditional oriental sounds.

Eg. All Second – Sam McLean https://soundcloud.com/samuel-mclean-2/all-second

Lovely Planet – Bo-en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIAw0im9Qps&list=PLNonYr1vYzfAWHrJ6t9iwc7VfKSLZWlh-


The theme/feel will transition through three different phases.

Phase 1: The Race

The players have just begun the game and are racing for the statue. The music should be fast, upbeat, and exciting. They are in direct competition after all.

Eg. All Second – Sam McLean https://soundcloud.com/samuel-mclean-2/all-second

Ok, with this information I had a fairly good idea about what should happen with music but a very important lesson was learned, always keep up to date with changes that occur after production has commenced. In a perfect world, the GDD is the centre of the universe but in reality, things change and this is what the creative process is all about, having flexibility and being able to adapt new possibilities.

I am on my way to producing the next piece of music for Dyadic and don’t worry, I have talked to Jack in detail about all the new changes and ideals! The audio is due by sunday night 19/05/2015 so I have to go and make it! See you soon 🙂


  1. I’m always happy to give feedback : ) I’m also glad that this track work well with credits. I wish now to be able convince team Dyadic to make one more additional level …dynamic one where we could use Phase One – The Race. ^ ^ Really great job! Love this track!

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    1. Thank you for your comment endziz! It would be really cool to keep going with dyadic and have some more levels but as a stand alone product I am really happy. Recording Nicholas on Erhu was a highlight of my trimester and the songs that came out of it are definitely some of my favourites. The experience has given me a taste of how exciting our industry is!

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