Got A Light?

Welcome back everyone, I hope you’re creating lots of cool stuff and are having heaps of fun while doing it! I have just started work on the soundtrack for a new game called Alight, which is about a swarm of fireflies that are under your control. As a player, you navigate the swarm through a maze of puzzles that are designed to try to diminish your numbers, the end goal is to guide them safely through the dangers, where they fly up to the sky and (spoiler alert) become the stars. I’m pretty happy that the fireflies becoming the stars was one of my ideas, which has made it through to the game, making the humble ol’ sound-guy feel like a real part of the team, not just an afterthought.

A great idea that the development team came up with was to have a narrator, Attenborough-style that would give insights to the fireflies and help immerse the player in the world.

Art of the uber - talented Erika Verkaaik
Art of the incredibly talented Erika Verkaaik

Erika Verkaaik is our lead artist and as you can see, her work is amazing, making my job as a composer easy.

David Whitehouse is programming, and I’m happy that I finally get to work with him again, making this the third game that we have worked on together, it’s not what you know….

Stewart Coates is the game designer who is also a scripting-gun, and I have just finished the sound for another project that we worked on together called Unsung.

Jayden Cottrell is another game-designer working on this project, a young man who is proving to be wise beyond his years.

Vajna So-Rokin is helping out with the art as well and after working with her in Unsung, I am very happy that she is part of this project. With the combination of Erika and Vajna, we could just look at concept art for days…and love it!

Vajna's concept of a water feature
Vajna’s concept of a water feature


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