Pre Production of Dyadic

Welcome back everyone! After completing Prosperity, Game Designer Jack Kuskoff has assembled the A-Team to work on his next project, Dyadic. This game has a six-week turnaround and will be the sixth game I have worked on this year, what a ride! So what is Dyadic? In short it is a two player puzzle game in which the main characters must retrieve an artefact from underground ruins which have an oriental aesthetic, the game must relate to a keyword, Trust.

Team Dyadic

Jack was kind enough to produce a Gantt Chart for the audio, great leadership skills and makes my job a lot easier!

Project Timeline
Project Timeline

We have decided to use a layered approach with the composition and our aim is to use MIDI and record some real instruments, luckily enough there are some players of various ethnic instruments around campus at SAE-QANTM Brisbane and I think I will even get the good ol’ MILO Tin and Banjo-Mandolin in on the action! As you can see from the gantt chart above, the music is still in the experimenting stage and well, it’s time to test out what will and won’t work and to make a clear direction for the music.

The theme of Dyadic is trust and the gameplay will involve the players co-operating and swapping back and forth a relic that will further them in the level and help solve puzzles. A nice idea that Jack had, was to have different audio layers for the two players, so when the relic swaps from one player to the other, the audio layers swap as well. An example of how this layer swap could be achieved is that there is a melody that remains constant and each player has a specific instrument that takes over the melody whenever they swap the relic, luckily enough through my research of vertical layering I now have the ability to “make it so”!

Because Jack has seen the possibilities of layered composition in Prosperity, which has more than likely given him the idea of how to implement a vertical layering system in Dyadic, he is working with my strengths as a composer and to me, shows the signs of a resourceful leader. Stay tuned for more!

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