Waste Not, Want Not!

The game Prosperity is turning out to be a very rewarding game for a humble ol’ sound guy, mainly due to the fact that the creator Jack Kuskoff has embraced the idea of layered composition to enhance the feeling of creation. I have some new layers, these are for the end game and here is what was requested in terms of music

End Game

An eerie, foreboding song. The use of deep, sinister chanting would work well. The song should have an aggressive and dominating tone to it.


If you think back to my efforts with The Red Panda Game, a lot of songs had fallen to the wayside (not to mention the production of the game itself, c’mon guys!) and some of these songs have some great sections in them that I am really fond of and now sit in limbo. So instead of letting these tracks go to waste, I have gone back to the original MIDI files and reworked them, turning them into layered compositions, appropriating them to the given themes and thus giving them a new lease on life! Waste not, want not.

Layered Composition Demonstration No. 3

Layer 1. Drums (and voices in long version). Getting you in the grove.


Layer 2. Celeste, Kalimba, Recorders and Flutes. High above birds and clouds.


Layer 3. Drums, Strings (long version) and Brass. Things are getting real!


Layer 4. Chants, Strings, Heavy Percussion and MILO Tins! We are now as close to heaven as we will get, but at what cost?


In-Game Action!



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