Remembering Chloe

Good news everyone! On the 8th of march I completed the soundtrack for the short film Disremember, a love story with a difference, the lead of the film had forgotten that he was in love (due to a trauma) and had to piece together his life to remember the past. As you can imagine the film was emotionally charged, leading to a climax that really gave the ol’ heart-strings a workout and as a composer, there’s nothing better than getting to take the emotional level of a piece to new levels. The Director of the film Scott Wardle was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely work with him again, this is because he understands human emotion, and while he doesn’t necessarily know exact musical terms, he knows what sounds are needed to convey the emotion of his characters.

Here is a teaser (and spoiler) of Disremember, with the main theme of the movie, Remembering Chloe, with full MIDI orchestration and myself playing the guitars and synths, if it isn’t obvious, yes I love Hans Zimmer! lol

Christopher Nolan gave Hans Zimmer one page of Interstellar’s script and let him believe that the story was Father – Son based, rather than Father – Daughter. Hans wrote the music for his son and captured the emotion perfectly (after which Christopher Nolan told him the details and decided to make the movie!). As composers that is what we do, take real human emotion and convert it into music, usually with a deadline looming! You may notice that there are no music credits, this is because the score was completed and handed over yesterday (8th March, 2015) and the film is still having the final touches done to it, like my name going in there somewhere 🙂


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