First day of AUS 220 (Audio Studio 2)

Well the first day at audio studio was really fun and the group we have seem really keen to make some awesome projects and give it a good go. We have decided on what we would like to specialise in this trimester and surprise, surprise, I have chosen post-production with an emphasis on game sound. It is a great feeling that there are other people who are as keen as I am about game sound and we have already merged together like the liquid metal cybernetic organism, the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

Our group has decided that it is of utmost importance to hone our skills in using Unity, which will allow us to have complete control over the sounds we create and add more immersion and overall quality to the games we work on. Another great thing about having a group of like-minds is the fact that we can all learn together and I’m sure the end result of this collaboration will be greater than any efforts we could achieve alone. Another exciting thing about being back is the fact there is a group of Games-Design students who have some excellent ideas for a project that sounds like an inter-disciplinary behemoth so watch this space!

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