Comb Your Hair Mate!

Don’t you hate it when you can’t find your comb? Fear not, this blog is still about audio and composition! I have been taking part in the 40 hour make a thing challenge at SAE-QANTM  Brisbane, helping out a couple of groups of game designers, being the all round ‘Audio Guy’. For one of the projects the team has made a Dungeon Crawler style game, with the theme being Coffee, Comb and Crescendo. The game entails a hero navigating their way through a dungeon in the search for coffee (pretty much what life is like here at SAE!). With the coffee aspect taken care of we just needed the comb and crescendo parts, so what better way to adhere to the criteria than multi-sample a hair comb and create a tune!

A humble wide tooth comb was used for the multi samples (the same one I use in the morning, for its intended purpose) and the samples were put into Battery 4, included in Komplete 9 Ultimate. Battery 4 is commonly used as a drum machine but it is also really handy for making multi-samples playable. When you import a sound into Battery you have control of a number of parameters, in this case I made good use of the pitch function, raising and lowering the pitch of the comb sample to give me an octave of musical comb sounds. With the samples mapped to a MIDI keyboard I now had the ability to play the comb like a piano and thus a tune was created.

Battery 4 with Comb Samples
Battery 4 with Comb Samples

The programmers are inserting the music into the game as we speak and by this afternoon we will have a playable version so watch this space! Here is the song, 100% comb.

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