What a Rig!

Today I was searching through Komplete Ultimate 9, looking for some new sounds when I stumbled across the program Guitar Rig 5, that’s when I realised that I hadn’t even opened this program in the time I’ve owned K9U, a major oversight seeing that I am a guitarist and love recording and making MIDI backing tracks. Why hasn’t this vital tool been utilised and why has it taken me 4 months to ‘find’ it? Well let me answer that question by saying that I usually use my Mesa-Boogie Mini-Rectifier (25w) and Boss GT-100 for performing and recording my guitar parts. The lush tube-driven tone of the Mesa is hard to beat, especially for metal and the GT-100 is a great multi-effects pedal, perfect for hashing out ideas and creating new guitar sounds. So why change from something that has proved its worth, after all, if it aint broke, don’t fix it, right? Well if I were to sum it up in one word, the word would be convenience.

By plugging my guitar straight into the DI input of the MBOX Pro, then creating an audio track in pro tools and assigning Guitar Rig 5 into the insert section, I have instant access to a vast range of amp emulations and effects, all ready to record with the click of a button, no wires, amps or mics required. Easy.

Life made easy with Guitar Rig 5
Life made easy with Guitar Rig 5

To celebrate this new-found power I have composed a track that would work well in an early section of a game where the player is wandering, getting a feel for the surrounds. No doubt the game would be a modern type of adventure, with serious subject matter and most likely 1st person perspective, but of course that is my opinion, have a listen and see what images it conjures for you. xo


  1. Hey Sam we love your composing work, especially the way you have matched and mixed your instruments and the way you have described the different moods of the game – energetic, urgent, sinister as well as euphoric symphonic in parts. I also love the guitar rig 5 – I want one! I can see that you have been busy as – keep it up! Good work. Can’t wait to play the final game.

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    1. Thank you Gus and Wendi McLean, it has been heaps of fun working on the panda game and inspirational, not to mention I have had some correspondence with Winifred Phillips, an award winning games composer, her book ‘A composers guide to game music’ has just hit No.1 best seller in music composition on Amazon-Germany. Games music is an incredibly rewarding experience and the team are working tirelessly to make the Red Panda Game a reality, so watch this space! Also Guitar Rig is a great piece of software, I recommend it! 🙂


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