The Cycle of Inspiration

A very warm welcome back everyone! The Cycle of Inspiration is a process of art inspiring music and in turn, the music that has been inspired by the art, inspires the artists again. I have felt this very process to be present in our Red Panda Game from its inception and knew it was real when I viewed a video of composer Winifred Phillips demonstrating the techniques used to create the music for Assassins Creed III: Liberation. Winifred diligently informs us about the psychological and compositional methods behind creating themes for characters and places featured in the game, which was informative and insightful, but what made my ears really prick up was when she described the Cycle of Inspiration.

When we create, we build worlds and Middle Earths visionary composer Howard Shore once brought to our attention that in creating the musical universe for Tolkien’s work, you must think of everyone from the smallest child to the oldest person in that landscape.

I am continually inspired by the concepts that our art department create and my music has aided as concept ‘art’ for the artists, this is something that Winifred says should happen more in games, employing the composer at an earlier stage of the projects development, to maintain this Cycle of Inspiration and I wholeheartedly agree.

Heres a video of our Cycle. Enjoy!


  1. Sam, thanks so much for your insightful blog, and for your kind mention of my talk in Montreal about Assassin’s Creed Liberation. I’m really happy you found it inspiring, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the Cycle of Inspiration. Really liked the addition of Howard Shore’s viewpoint on the subject! Nicely done, Sam!

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