Make It Sow Number One!

Sow The Fields is my latest composition for our Indie Game about a Red Panda and in this blog I will show you the process used to ‘make it so’.


This whole track came about from the picking pattern I have described in my previous blog, as well the fact that I wanted to pair the MILO Tinstrument with my Banjo-Mandolin. Another thing that inspired me was the Symphonic Poem for Sheng and Chinese Orchestra by WU Wei. The Sheng or Chinese Mouth Organ is a traditional Chinese instrument and the sound is really unique, sort of like a harmonica mixed with a subtle synth-version of a violin.

Putting It Together

I have recorded the MILO Tin and Banjo-Mandolin at home using a Rode Broadcaster mic placed overhead, about 1.5 meters away to catch some natural room sound. My studio has high ceilings and has wooden walls so the acoustics are pleasant to the ear.

Here is the first motif of Sow The Fields, played on the MILO Tin.

The picking pattern is what gives the first motif its distinct sound, and if you were to use another pattern, it would not have the same effect.

The second section gets exciting and started with the MILO Tin strumming a basic pattern.

Next the Banjo-Mandolin was added.

The rhythmic motif played by the Banjo-Mandolin is what inspired the flute melody. The flutes are a combination of the Fula Flute from west Africa and the Persian Ney.

A driving force was needed to give this track a feeling of moving forward and thats where the Double Bass and Kalimba came into play. By itself, the Kalimba almost sounds ‘wrong’, but when added to the ensemble fits like a glove.

A little bit of atmosphere and tension would complete this section and thats why I have chosen a female choir, moving upwards with dissonance.

When you put it all together, magic happens!

See you next time!




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