Give ’em What They Want!

If you have been following the progression of our Red Panda project then you would have no doubt heard some of the music I have composed for it. Whilst I love all the compositions so far, some are more suited than others and though they are great pieces of music by themselves, they may not be the exact feeling of our game. This is where the track Viking Panda comes into play. From the begging of this project I had been given some listening examples of what the team were expecting to hear, along with the fact that they said they loved the Viking stuff I had been doing with my trusty ol’ MILO Tinstrument (smiley face). So in the interests of being professional I have come to the party and given ’em what they want, in this case a trio of musical themes generated from my MILO Tinstrument and MIDI.

The Tinstrument was recorded on the 13th of July (lucky number for some!) in the Audient studio at SAE-QUANTM, Brisbane. The mics were an AKG C414 with a cardioid polar pattern, facing the neck of the Tinstrument about 30cm away and a Royer R -121, facing the sound hole, the same distance as the C414. The resulting blend was quite nice but I needed a little more in some sections, so I recorded some more Tins at home with a Rode Broadcaster mic that my brother gave me as a Birthday present a couple of weeks ago (cheers bro!).

I have added the MIDI tracks with the aid of Komplete 9 Ultimate and kept the ensemble to a minimum, giving a solitude type of feeling. Another nice fact is that I have changed the tuning of the Tinstrument to B flat, A, a, D, d,  d. The B flat being so close to the A gives an unmistakable Japanese feel, a feeling that inspired the whole composition and directed the type of instrumentation that would be appropriate for this ‘new found sound’.

So here is Viking Panda, Enjoy!


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