Ailuridae for Life!

Greetings Ailuridae aficionados! For those just joining the journey let me give a quick update. In the past week I have been as busy as a Red Panda, working towards the end goal of making an indie game a reality (for which I have been tasked with composing the music and creating the sound effects). The abundance of concept art has been of enormous value when it comes to inspiration, not to mention the super warm and fuzzy youtube clips of Red Pandas!

So what have I learnt about Red Pandas so far? For starters I have discovered that they are more closely related to the Weasel than the Giant Panda and they are part of the Ailuridae family. They are classed as a vulnerable species for their numbers stand at around 10, 000 and they are native to parts of the Eastern Himalayas and South Western China.

In our game the Red Panda is the protagonist who’s village is destroyed by a dark force and must set out to stop the evil spreading through the realm. With this in mind I have made some classic adventure-style music, harping back to the great adventure games on the NES and SNES. After a week of composing I thought about what the essence of being one of these creatures is, and had an epiphany about the playful side of the Red Panda. Viewing life as part of the Ailuridae family I tried to capture the very core of this ’emotion’ and here is what I came up with.




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