Milo Instrument Digital Interface

Good news everyone! The milo Tinstrument has gone through an exciting change over the weekend…the addition of two more strings! The middle strings are now double course, and tuned in octaves with the original strings (like a 12 string guitar).

Put the machine head wherever it will fit!
Put the machine-head wherever you can!

As you can see from the photos, I had to place the tuning pegs on the base of the Tinstrument and run the strings the other way (improvise, adapt and overcome).


The addition of the extra strings got me thinking about a new tuning for the Tinstrument altogether and instead of Mandolin strings I have put a set of light tension acoustic guitar strings and the tuning is as follows;

G3 (185Hz)

D4 (277.18Hz)

D5 (544.37Hz)

G4 (369.99Hz)

G5 (739.99Hz)

G5(739.99Hz) when plucked or D5 (544.37Hz) when bowed

As you can imagine the sound is huge and the new strings give an excellent drone.

Double course in the middle
Double course in the middle

To celebrate the new strings I have written two tracks to demonstrate the different sounds of the Tinstrument, one when plucking and one when the Tinstrument is being bowed.

I love MILO xo



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