Wardruna inspired MILO music

Hello crew! As promised here is some new music made with my MILO Tinsrument and K9U. Needles to say that the Nordic folk band Wardruna are one of my main inspirations for the track, as well as the Cello melody from the introduction to Game of Thrones. The Tinstrument was recorded at home with an AKG c214 placed about 30cm from the body, facing the sound hole. The rain at the beginning is from last nights downpour, I set the AKG c214 up near my window facing towards the sky and was lucky enough to catch some some thunder. The idea for the rain came from Wardruna and composer Winifred Phillips. Winifred, in one of her blogs suggested to incorporate sounds from the environment into your compositions and it worked a treat! Thanks Winifred!

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