Binalong time since I’ve Rock ‘n’ Rolled!

Howdy fellow bloggers, today I would like to share a song that I’ve just produced for Angus Snow-McLean, an original number called Binalong Bay. The track was written by Angus and performed by himself and his lovely wife Wendi and was recorded in the picturesque surrounds of Binalong Bay, Tasmania.

Producing Binalong Bay

Recording Process

I had the pleasure of staying near Binalong Bay for a holiday earlier this year and took my Mbox Pro, Mac Mini and a JTS-NX8 along with me (the recording set-up was small enough to fit in carry-on luggage…yay!).

Here is an example of what was recorded in Tasmania.

Gus: Vocals, Keyboard and Guitar

Wendi: Back-Up Vocals

I recorded the lead-vocal and guitar at the same time then layered the keyboards and back-up vocals and when tracking the guitar I used a click track to make adding virtual instruments easy. With the song recorded and my holiday at an end (damn!) I headed back to Queensland.

Adding the Orchestra

A great thing about MIDI is the ability to have a virtual orchestra at your fingertips. Komplete 9 Ultimate was used for all the virtual instruments and in particular the Discovery SeriesWest Africa sound library which has some really happy and free sounding instruments that give that island feel and because this song has a natural, Caribbean or island feel to it, the West Africa collection seemed perfect!

Here is an example of the West Africa sound library.

What I love about this sound library is the authentic feel of the instruments, in particular the Fula Flute where you can hear the noise of the breath itself.

I’ve also used traditional Horn and String sections to give a bit of a big band or carnival feel and an accordion as a bit of ear candy near the end.

Binalong Bay is available for free download on soundcloud.

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