Binalong time since I’ve Rock ‘n’ Rolled!

Howdy fellow bloggers, today I would like to share a song that I’ve just produced for Angus Snow-McLean, an original number called Binalong Bay. The track was written by Angus and performed by himself and his lovely wife Wendi and was recorded in the picturesque surrounds of Binalong Bay, Tasmania. Producing Binalong Bay Recording Process […]

Polish Death Metal, alive and kicking (and screaming!)

I would like to discuss the new release Blood Mantra¬†(30/09/2014, U.S and AUS) from Polish Technical Death Metal band, Decapitated. Blood Mantra is the bands sixth studio album and features a new line-up. Waclaw (Vogg) Kietltyka – Guitar Rafal (Rasta) Piotrowski – Vocals Pawel Pasek – Bass Michal Lysenjko – Drums Blood Mantra was produced […]