2020 is a graphic novel that a group of animators would like to bring to life, and you guessed it, they need music. Here is a short brief on the story.

The year is 2020, superheroes and super-villains alike have disappeared for 6 years after an outbreak that left Titan city destroyed. The only district standing upright is Neo-Cygnus. One day, a mysterious man emerged from the darkness to once again reveal himself to the world he must protect….

With this brief in mind I was trying to imagine what life was like in Neo-Cygnus and what sort of world the inhabitants must live in. An initial concept was that the tone should be sombre, but still be exciting.

As with Warfire the team has come up with some listening examples of what they perceive to be classic superhero-music, music that will suit the world we are creating.

As I was listening to the examples I jotted down a few notes about the characteristics of the sound and saw some common ground between them. Here is what I noticed.

  • Very Atmospheric
  • Menacing low motifs
  • Busy string sections
  • Big drum sounds
  • Builds up intensity
  • Rhythmic pans with synths
  • Minimalist

So how is the music I have composed different to the examples given? First of all I need more atmosphere, the examples all were very atmospheric and all built to an incredible climax. Another element that needs adjusting is the melody. In all of the examples the melody was fragmented and the interest relied on the exciting rhythms, almost always from the string section. Another element missing is the subtle use of synths, they pan rhythmically and give an element of modernism and in the case of 2020, a feeling of a futuristic world.  With this in mind I am now in the process of of reworking the existing material to see if I can adjust the music to suit the superhero genre.

Music Plan
Music Plan

Watch this space for updates!


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