Ruck Up

Well D-day has passed and what a battle we had. Our team of patriots fought valiantly to the end and our service has come to an end and its time to ruck up and go home, victorious.

Lets reflect on our tour of duty from it’s humble beginnings to the final battle of SAE-QANTM.

Title Music

Our journey starts with a decision to create an RTS wargame and bring it to life with the title theme that would musically define the feel of the game. Originally I had envisioned an intense, ominous track that was very dark.

This was great but wasn’t used as theme music, after discussions with the Games designer we came to an agreement that it was perhaps a little too dark  for the direction the game wanted to go (it’s still is one of my favourite Warfire themes).

With this in mind and the fact that the games designer sent me a link to the musical style he was thinking of (it was a hopeful sound that felt very proud yet emotional-example 1 and example 2), composing a new theme came easily. I hashed out the idea on piano to get a feel for the sound and make sure that it was appropriate.

After this new theme was approved I had the task of orchestrating it.

This became the final version of the title track.



Stage Music

The title track was locked and loaded, now it was time to think about stage music. We needed two pieces of music for the stages, one that had moderate intensity and another that was more intense. For the moderate level I originally had a choir and orchestra that was very much inspired by Howard Shore and his Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

Once again, as with the title track, the games designer felt it was too intense (I think he doesn’t like choirs very much!). Although the music was a bit over the top, he liked the second half of the track and wanted me to expand on it. In reflection the second half of the track has less melody and is musically sparse, a formula that doesn’t govern the gamers rate of play.

Happy with this new version we locked it in as the moderate level music. Now for the intense track, make it intense but not too dark!?. Nearing the projects completion I had a chance to make some music without too many restrictions and this became the intense music.



NES Version!?

A cool idea I had was to make an NES (Nintendo entertainment system) version of the title track which consisted of two pulse wave channels, a triangle wave channel and a noise channel. Why the NES? Well….because I can….and it was fun! The NES version may appear in a secret ‘Retro-Mode’ of the game so fingers crossed!



If you would like to follow the posts that have every design-stage of Warfire just click on the Warfire category on the right hand side of your screen. Now it’s time for my honourable discharge. At ease soldiers.



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