The Real Treasure is the Soil

Greetings southern horde! I have news from across the seas that will delight you. The viking music I have composed has been spotted by a group of talented young animators and given them the inspiration to tell a story, a tale about a group of vikings on a quest. This would have to be one of the most rewarding experiences a composer could have; a world being created from music, music that inspires and paints a picture, music that tells a story. So I have inspired a story through my initial song and now can expand on the ideas that have been presented, I’m just waiting on the animatic so I can exploit the initial theme with an extended version. What a great cycle; one art-form inspires another which in turn inspires the original and demands more of the imaginary world to be created.

Here is the initial version of the music to give you an idea of the sound and hopefully it will paint a picture for you. For an in depth discussion about how it was created check out the post Ships over Southern Seas.

Stay tuned for updates about our quest!

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