That sounds fake!

How do we achieve realism with MIDI sequences that make our audience believe they are listening to a real ensemble? Apart from clever sequencing and automation of parameters the answer is by getting real musicians to play the main melody and parts of interest. A blend of real and sequenced instruments makes the production seem more human and for a lot of people this combination could pass for a real ensemble. With the popularity of the hit series Game of Thrones it’s hard to imagine that the composer Ramin Djawadi uses a clever combination of real and sequenced instruments to create one of the most ‘hummed’ theme songs of the modern age.

In terms of the soundtrack for Warfire, the melody in the title track is played by a trumpet and to achieve the next level of realism a ‘real life’ trumpeter will be employed. A snare drum is prominent when the melody is heard and will also be recorded and as soon as this happens I will put up a side by side comparison for your audio enjoyment.

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