This means War!

The sum of a creative groups efforts are greater than what we can achieve alone, right? You bet ya! I am in the process of collaborating with a fellow student at SAE-QANTM Brisbane in his production of an RTS (real-time strategy) game that is all about war. In our initial meeting we discussed ideas about what he actually needed in terms of sound effects, music and dialogue. The first idea we wanted to make a reality was the title page music, this would give the game its overall theme and musical aesthetic that makes the player feel ‘ready for war’. Heavy kettle drums, trombones, an early 20th century-style choir and low staccato strings that Bartok himself could enjoy were employed and I believe is a great combination for war music. This small excerpt was composed in the MIDI studio of  SAE-QANTM Brisbane on the 11th of July 2014, please note  it’s a rough working concept to demonstrate the direction the music could take.

Minutes and responsibilities
Minutes and responsibilities

Not all of you may make it back but remember, your country needs you!

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