TET Mid-Side

When listening to Decapitated’s track Carnival is forever through TET Mid-Side I have found something that can help me to reverse engineer the bands sound. There is a width control that alters the amount of Mid (narrow) and Side (wide). By altering the amount of Mid and Side different parts of the mix become more pronounced, when turning the width-control to wide the guitars are the main sound source with some shimmer from the drums cymbals and a high pitched sample or synth. When turning the width-control to narrow the drums, vocal and bass are the predominant sounds. There are two reasons why Mid-Side training and listening are helpful to me;

  1. Being able to pinpoint the exact riffs, instruments and tonality makes creating a sound-alike a lot easier
  2. Replicating the stereo field in the style of certain genres gives the music (my compositions) more impact and credibility

1 Comment

  1. Anything you can do to alter the sound of a track will give you insight because it exposes things that you will then hear more clearly in the unaltered track. Eg listen in mono, or remove everything below 200hz, or above 600. Listen one, then go back to the original and notice what you now notice. Eventually you will be able to do this mentally without actually applying a technical tool. I tried this once with a really heavy mastering compression tool similar to izoptope. Squashed the crap out of it and listened through. I heard some backing vocals i didn’t know we’re there, and some distortion on a section of the lead vox. I assumed the latter was from the compression, but when I listened again to the normal track it was there … Now I can’t listen to the track without that vocal distortion sticking out like dogs balls … 😦 I won’t say what the track is …


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